Cupcake Pricing and Flavors

Gourmet Cupcakes delivered fresh to your door.

For pictures simply type in the search for flavors box to your right! When the wording appears click on the word and the picture will open.

Standard cupcake size (Min. 1 dozen)

Mini cupcake (Min. 2 dozen)
$ 1.00

Custom baking priced upon order.

Old Fashion Cakes, Pies, Cobblers, Pastry’s, Cookies, Scones and more!

All pricing includes delivery!

Lead time for orders depends on availability.

Cupcake of the month club pricing.
12 months $200.00 (save $16.00) consecutive
6 months $100.00 (save $8.00) every other month or consecutive
4 months $72.00 consecutive or quarterly
3 months $54.00 consecutive

Fabulous Flovors~
Cherry Chip
Chocolate /Chocolate
Chocolate Cream
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Orange Cream
German Chocolate
Golden Great
Lemon Blueberry
Red Velvet
Tropical Delight
Vanilla / Chocolate
Vanilla/ Vanilla

For pictures of cupcakes type name in food finder!

Custom flavors available upon requests!