Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Treats made like grandma use to make!

Chocolate nests- Handmade with real butter, oats, nuts, coconut and loads of love! $1.25ea or $12.75 per dozen

Cream Sandi’s- Sugary on the outside creamy on the inside! A real treat for your mouth!
Lemon / Mint / Berry $1.25 set of 3 ea or $12.75 per dozen sets

Easter Mini cupcakes- Our classic vanilla cake with a buttery frosting topped with green coconut and jelly beans! Ready to give a smile to any little bunnies in your life! $.75 ea or $11.00 per dozen

Easter Treat Platter- 12 Chocolate nests, 12 sets of Cream Sandi’s and 12 mini cupcakes $32.00